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went through Hades with my hat off
13 September 2014 @ 09:10 am
Normally I try to write something spooky during September/October to shove at the internet on Halloween - past efforts include WEIRD PERSON ATTEMPTS RANDOM ACT OF CANNIBALISM IN COLLEGE DINING HALL; WEIRD PERSON ATTEMPTS TO SURGICALLY REMOVE OWN HEART; and SOMETHING WITH AZAD IN IT.

...But unless I come up with something really killer in the next couple weeks it seems inevitable that this year's contribution is just going to be Herbert West fanfiction. My plan to introduce more people to H.P. Lovecraft's absolute silliest piece (ALTHOUGH, WARNING, PART 3 IS SUPER RACIST, BECAUSE LOVECRAFT) has backfired, in that instead of spreading the contagion around I have only infected myself. Infected with the desire to write unholy science bromance.

Other news, uhhhhh
  • I can slip all necessary pills to my cat by chopping them up really fine and pouring tuna juice over them. He may need another injection as well, though I am sorely hoping not; either way it's looking like his health issues are manageable for the immediate future
  • Started studying German a few weeks ago, on a whim. I wanted to pick Mandarin back up but I couldn't find adequate free resources for that... and I gotta say, German is EASY MODE compared to every other language I have studied. I mean, I'm balls at it thus far, but it's refreshingly intuitive in some ways
  • (I kind of feel like knowing both Latin and eventually German will leave me uniquely qualified to be some kind of sorcerer. If there are eldritch tomes lying around anywhere in Europe you just fuckin' know they're gonna be in one of those two languages)
  • My roommate marathonned literally all the Parks and Rec that is on Amazon Instant over the course of a few work nights. I find his stamina for TV-watching absolutely terrifying, as I had to tap out after about two or three episodes on any given day, but yeah, wow, that sure is a good show. That sure is good party that I am incredibly late to.
  • that's about it, I'm a deeply boring person
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went through Hades with my hat off
16 August 2014 @ 10:47 am
My cat's been sick. He's getting better, but it's been an intense and alarming few weeks and I've not been on my A-game, mentally. Still, in the interest of doing something other than staring at him and wondering if his breathing sounds better or worse today, howzabout a belated book post for July?

some books I have mixed feelings about, but also: URSULA K. LE GUINCollapse )

Also, hit some milestones last weekend - 6 months since I moved out into the apartment, and 5 years since I started writing Doors. I was too busy hauling Luc to one vet and another to have any energy left to pay attention to either of these things, but whoa, hey, TIME SURE DOES PASS, DOESN'T IT?
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went through Hades with my hat off
24 May 2014 @ 02:53 pm
Been sick a lot lately and having problems with motivation to ever do anything or talk to anyone about it. But while living in a creepy decaying tower filled with birds and never speaking to anyone again may be my endgame, I'm not there yet, and it's impractical to start acting like I am at this stage. HI GUYS I'LL TRY TO BE LESS OF A RECLUSE THAN I'VE BEEN THESE PAST FEW MONTHS.

Book post: Felix Castor book 2; princesses; Peter S. BeagleCollapse )
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went through Hades with my hat off
01 June 2013 @ 10:09 am
Considering the length of my commute, I now have... 0-3 hours of free time a day on weekdays, depending on how many cups of tea I want to pour down my face the next morning before I can hold a sensible conversation. I'm still working out how to optimize my use of all the time spent on the train; I'll probably eventually settle on using it for reading or writing, but for these first few weeks I've been working on memorizing landmarks along the sides of the track. I'm constitutionally incapable of believing I have actually gotten on the right train, ever, under any circumstances, no matter how many times I check - so I am gathering information I can use to confirm it. BUT MAYBE EVENTUALLY I CAN START BEING PRODUCTIVE AGAIN.

Anyway, that's why I've been scarce all month. I hope to become less so once I've settled into more of a routine.

May writing: ~17k words, of which approximately 9k came from what was supposed to be a short horror/comedy and is turning out thus far not to be very short, horrifying, or comedic. I have been disparagingly referring to it as ZOMBIE SOAP OPERA. I hope to finish it within the next couple weeks (maybe 2-3k more words?) and then I don't know what I'll do with it. Maybe start badgering people to beta it for me. And then revise it and hide it under a rock forever. That sounds like something I'd do.

May reading: Only three books again, and one of them a vanity-published monstrosity by someone I despise, read entirely out of spiteCollapse )
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went through Hades with my hat off
02 April 2013 @ 11:20 pm
March book postCollapse )
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went through Hades with my hat off
19 March 2013 @ 11:06 pm
I don't have a long historical record to draw from, but sure, writing improvement meme bandwagon.

2005: at which time I conveyed that characters had hidden depths by shouting 'HIDDEN DEPTHS!' from every available rooftopCollapse )
2006: at which time overly prickly PoV characters became a thingCollapse )
2007: really didn't write muchCollapse )
2008, part 2: the opposite of thatCollapse )
2009, parts 1 and 2: sass.Collapse )
2010: More attempts at weird parody thingsCollapse )

2011 was when I started consciously varying my style more, so I think it'd be even harder to see progress from then to now. SUDDEN JUMP IN FORMALITY? No no that's just because I was writing fake alternate universe quasi-Victorians rambling about fish. ...Then again, I also wrote a bunch of fake alternate universe quasi-Victorians in 2012 (though without the fish). Maybe I could look for stylistic similarities and differences between Gentleman Ichthyologist and VoH in their own category... BUT ANYWAY.

...I feel like I disproportionately sampled dialogue for this. That's probably to my advantage. My dialogue has improved over the years; my prose has largely gone from "awkward" to "less noticeably awkward," haha.
went through Hades with my hat off
28 February 2013 @ 03:49 pm

And now I'm ACTUALLY caught upCollapse )
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went through Hades with my hat off
25 February 2013 @ 03:52 pm
Whoa, wait, I haven't made a book post in how fuckin' long now? How horrifying. And if I held off three days I'd have to add another month. So I suppose it's time to see how well I remember these.

December: Victorian mantears, some Wodehouse, fantasy noir, things written for people more religious than ICollapse )

January: some weird tales, a strange book, FREAKING BARTIMAEUS.Collapse )

OKAY, I'M NOMINALLY CAUGHT UP NOW. Another book post to follow at the end of this month or something.
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went through Hades with my hat off
So in high school I decided I was going to draw the same thing every year on New Year's so I could see if I'd gotten better at drawing over time. (The thing - or rather dude - in question ended up being Kratos from ToS due to certain intense biases I had at the time.) This went on for about six years, but then one January in college I just plain forgot. So I started doing yearly progress memes instead. And, well, for records-keeping and/or motivational purposes, here is some evidence.

if I post the ones from past years, 2012 will look less shameful by comparison!Collapse )
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