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Normally I try to write something spooky during September/October to shove at the internet on Halloween - past efforts include WEIRD PERSON ATTEMPTS RANDOM ACT OF CANNIBALISM IN COLLEGE DINING HALL; WEIRD PERSON ATTEMPTS TO SURGICALLY REMOVE OWN HEART; and SOMETHING WITH AZAD IN IT.

...But unless I come up with something really killer in the next couple weeks it seems inevitable that this year's contribution is just going to be Herbert West fanfiction. My plan to introduce more people to H.P. Lovecraft's absolute silliest piece (ALTHOUGH, WARNING, PART 3 IS SUPER RACIST, BECAUSE LOVECRAFT) has backfired, in that instead of spreading the contagion around I have only infected myself. Infected with the desire to write unholy science bromance.

Other news, uhhhhh
  • I can slip all necessary pills to my cat by chopping them up really fine and pouring tuna juice over them. He may need another injection as well, though I am sorely hoping not; either way it's looking like his health issues are manageable for the immediate future
  • Started studying German a few weeks ago, on a whim. I wanted to pick Mandarin back up but I couldn't find adequate free resources for that... and I gotta say, German is EASY MODE compared to every other language I have studied. I mean, I'm balls at it thus far, but it's refreshingly intuitive in some ways
  • (I kind of feel like knowing both Latin and eventually German will leave me uniquely qualified to be some kind of sorcerer. If there are eldritch tomes lying around anywhere in Europe you just fuckin' know they're gonna be in one of those two languages)
  • My roommate marathonned literally all the Parks and Rec that is on Amazon Instant over the course of a few work nights. I find his stamina for TV-watching absolutely terrifying, as I had to tap out after about two or three episodes on any given day, but yeah, wow, that sure is a good show. That sure is good party that I am incredibly late to.
  • that's about it, I'm a deeply boring person
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