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Oh, look, it's the time of year for reflecting on what time of year it is.

So in high school I decided I was going to draw the same thing every year on New Year's so I could see if I'd gotten better at drawing over time. (The thing - or rather dude - in question ended up being Kratos from ToS due to certain intense biases I had at the time.) This went on for about six years, but then one January in college I just plain forgot. So I started doing yearly progress memes instead. And, well, for records-keeping and/or motivational purposes, here is some evidence.

And most recently:

My conclusions are as follows:
1. I am getting better at this
2. But I should try doing more new things. Or maybe I should draw more dragons - whatever the hell happened in August of 2011, that is a freaking sweet dragon
3. I just kind of want to call attention to the fact that Stork and Garry are making the same face
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